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I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo
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I.M.L. S6 Lith Double Elektro Beige sähköinen mopo

Tuotteen koodi: S6 BEIGE
Tuotenimi: I.M.L.
Saatavuus: После заказа мы вам сообщим точное время доставки.
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Tuotekuvaus englanniksi:
Electric Scooter S6 Double Lithium
Another scooter from the "esek" family - the latest S6 model is the essence of modernity and timeless design in an electric scooter. It will find its audience among both men and women. Reputable components are one of the greatest strengths of this scooter. In addition, in the form of a dual lithium-ion battery and a powerful drive. You must have this scooter!

As mentioned above, this scooter model has renowned components - a 4000W Bosch motor and two LG lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 60V 32Ah. Undoubtedly, they are distinguishing brands and, above all, they are reliable. Thanks to two batteries, you can travel up to 120 km, and the battery charging itself takes only 4 hours. Let's not forget that these are lithium-ion batteries, weighing about 9 kg and portable - which means that they can be charged anywhere - you only need to have access to the contact Bosch 4000W drive, in turn, allows you to move at speeds of up to 75 km / h, and the scooter reaches this speed in just 5 seconds! This speed is already a lot of fun to drive, but you need a category B driving license to drive.

LG battery, Bosch brushless motor are like heart and brain. They do not make mistakes, the human heart will hit 3 billion times during its life, the S6 wheel will turn about 6 900 212 times, after which the battery will lose its properties and the brushless motor will be ready to cover the next kilometers.

The "S" family sticks together. All scooters in this line are distinguished by a minimalist, elegant look that is difficult to take your eyes off. The design line is simple, everything has been simplified as much as possible, so that everyone can get to know the S-class scooters. We can choose the S3, S4 and S5 Delivery models, which will be perfect as a delivery scooter. Each of these scooters is also well-equipped, which will satisfy every user.

What class of driving license do you need for the S6 electric scooter?
Electric scooters up to 75 km / h are similarly to combustion scooters up to 125 cm, to ride the S6 scooter you need a minimum B driving license. If you are a minor, you will need an AM driving license. The approval is valid throughout the European Union.

The S6 has approvals, i.e. all administrative and legal permits allowing participation in road traffic. The electric scooter is also equipped with all the necessary solutions to be able to move around the streets - indicators, lights, horn. Additional equipment of the scooter is: cruise control, alarm, bluetooth and LED lights. The S6 also has a USB port or a chogori connector.


Battery: 2x Li-ion LG Power
Battery capacity: 60v 32ah
Battery charging time: 4 hours
Drive: 4000w bosch
Motor voltage: 60v
Max speed: 75 (km / h)
Maximum range: 120km / 1 person (70kg)
Brakes (front / rear): Disc / disc
Counter: Digital
Maximum load: 2 people + cargo (150 kg)
Display: Digital
Suspension (front / rear): Hydraulic / Hydraulic
Battery life: 1000 cycles
Equipment: cruise control, alarm, led, speakers, bluetooth, intelligent charger,
Weight: 77 kg (without batteries)
Battery weight: 9 kg
Color: Beige, white, blue, gray
jopa 80 km/h
jopa 130 km
Akun kapasiteetti:
31 Ah
78 kg
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